The 7 Laws of Enough | Gina Laroche, Jennifer Cohen

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These seven principles will help you make a transformational journey from living life in a debilitating mindset of scarcity and lack to creating a new mindset of enough while living in a network of love and commitment, wherein the fundamental mindset of our planet be one that is generative and just, bountiful and reciprocal, ethical and aligned.The gap between those who have and those who don’t grows; the deep conflicts within our society around race and privilege are pervasive; and many other inequities undermine our sense of safety and belonging in our world. As individuals, we try to satisfy our longing for love and connection with the consumption of more and more stuff. But our unbridled obsession with consuming more of everything with blatant disregard for the impact on us, on other species, and on the planet does just the opposite, eroding our well-being while irreparably damaging our Earth.In The 7 Laws of Enough, leadership consultants Jen Cohen and Gina LaRoche offer readers the tools to make a transformational journey from living a life in a debilitating mindset of scarcity and lack to creating a new mindset of enough while living in a network of love and commitment.After almost fifty years combined helping business and thought leaders to excel in uncertainty and quick-shifting terrain, Cohen and LaRoche offer readers a framework that points to a future that is sustainable and sustaining, where we rest in the incredible bounty available to us at all times.

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